North Sea Jazz Poster Competition that was held asked the designers to create a poster for the concert that was to be held in the summer.

During the research on jazz, the words mentioned by a pianist who worked with Miles Davis struck out. Essentially what he said was that a mistake he made during performance became part of it. The improvisation of jazz which allows even a mistake to be incorporated and seem as part of one piece was purely beautiful. The following piece represents this interconnectivity factor of jazz.


Dynamic Visual Identity design for Maersk using the data from the ships. For this project the draught level of the ship was utilized to provide a more constant design rather than a more static identity. The logo on the website mockup is seen to be submerged depending on the draught level of the ships nearby. Unlike the current website which offers no ship tracker interface for the company, the implementation of the interface can bring more interactivity. It will also allow the potential customers and visitors to see the areas operated by Maersk through live data if Maersk decides to make use of the ship tracking api. As for the container, it can gradually be filled with the color of blue as the company continues to reduce the carbon emmission from the ships. Once the containers are completely blue, hopefully that will be the day when Maersk is on the frontlines of reducing shipping pollutions.

Zoom in / Zoom out

The grand task of designing the graduation show of the graduating students of Willem de Kooning Academy was given to Sofia Nissila, Noemi Biro, Reinier Landwehr and myself.

The words zooming in and zooming out became the center words for the concept of the identity during the initial brainstorming process. It spun around the idea that the school itself is in a way creating new ‘life forms’, or, the creative pioneers, as it’s called. As the graduation show is an extremely important moment for the students, it naturally dawned upon the design team to ‘zoom’ into the design students, placing emphasis on representing them in a clear manner. The promotional items such as the poster and flyers had three layers which represented a zoomed out look into the school and its students. Once inside the school, the wayfinding system and name tags had a ‘zoomed’ in look of the brush stroke to represent the students that each make up a part of the cell. In addition to wayfinding, a web application was created for the visitors to find their way around the school with the modified maps of the school.

The wayfinding web application can be found here

Daily Activities

Graphic design students of the second year were given the task to create a band. As frightening as it may sound to designers who mainly focus on drawing and design, the assignment seemed not to be going anywhere at first glance.

The repetitiveness of the 9 to 5 daily routine was the starting point for the group in which I worked with. In order to make the repeating routine more interesting, sounds from the daily routine was recorded. The recorded sounds in return became fundamental parts of the techno song that was created, proving to be one of the moments of epiphany to an artist-the moment of de-familiarizing the familiar, creating an unexpected new source of inspiration. Naturally, the name of the band became TechNow as the content of the band was making use of sound from daily activities into a techno song. As a band normally has merchandises, the office items naturally became the merchandise for the band in parallel with the office-like routine techno music.

Partner Responsibility

As part of the 3sec gallery poster competition, participating students were asked to create a poster regarding the topic of safe sex and HIV/AIDs.

Before we embarked upon designing, the school was visited by two current patients living with HIV/AIDs. Their stories and information of the firsthand experience of what it is like to have HIV/AIDs gave a better insight on the topic. During their talks the words that struck out in my mind were such as the responsibility of the partner in a relationship. As a partner one is entitled to make sure they’re being honest and be aware that they are also responsible for what may happen. The idea of irresponsible behaviors in a way struck my attention. I thought placing emphasis on the fact that the topic is not just the concern of a single person, but rather his/her partner, and society as a whole would illuminate the topic from a collective viewpoint. In order to make a gentle and light approach to the viewer regarding the topic, the design was done in a way that everyone can understand and easily relate to, without having to force it upon them.


As part of the school program, every student in the first year was given a chance to experience another discipline during the span of a quarter. The discipline I signed up for was illustration. In the class we had to design a character based on a word, and the word I chose was hope.

The character I created was a lamp, which in my perspective was a symbol of hope. With the belief that linguistics and language become empowered with visual imagery, I sought to represent the mental message and sensory emotions triggered from the word into a lamp, the sign of warmth and illumination. A lamp that brings positivity and light into people’s lives through its encompassing light was the idea central to the word. The gif created illustrated a society filled with grey figures forming a crowd looking down and depressed. This was in part influenced by a concept I had come across relating to modern society, that of a “lonely crowd”. An oxymoron in itself, as loneliness is usually thought t be witnessed in solitary conditions. However, with the detachment of interpersonal connections and perpetual depression amidst a seemingly affluent society, people fall back into a state of inactivity and despair. When the lamp becomes active, every figure is filled with positive thoughts, and ultimately, hope.

Blue Economy

After conducting a thorough research on Blue Economy prior to creating an exhibition for the visitors of the open day, the information had to be summarized via a discourse mapping. The following image on the right shows the result of the research.

Invasive Health

Fitness trackers and other health applications are storing data about the users but what can they tell from it? The idea was to create a health app and a game that would give an awareness regarding the matter of data privacy. In the first stages of the app, users will be experiencing a health coach-like app. There will be challenges to go back and forth from the nearest supermarket. What the user is not aware of is the fact that everytime they finish these challenges and carry on with their regular routines, their data is being stored. As the app progresses, user's data will be turned against themselves. The push notification of the app will become more aggressive and intrusive. Follow the link and view it either on mobile view on firefox or on a firefox browser on mobile to get the most out of the demo. Click on the messages on the bottom to receive the push notification

The demo of the app can be found here

Paracord Meditation

Paracord is a type of cord that is used by the military for parachutes and in addition, it has been considered as a survival item due to its durability and flexibility. Knowing its potential and core properties, an attempt was made to create a tool that would benefit graphic designers. The result is a variety of brushes that can be created with knotting and some touch of fire. For designers, a common problem that almost everyone will experience would be getting too stressed out, overly complicating matters and worrying too much. Paracord can be a handy resource for designers to meditate in between moments of chaos and also as a personalized flexible brush tool.

After creating the brushes, a workshop was organized for fellow graphic design students to take part in. In the midst of a chaotic week, the workshop brought a small form of peace to their state of mind.

The following project was featured on the school website

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DooWon Kim

South Korean graphic design student with 13 years of international upbringing in 3 different countries in Europe. Adaptability to new environments, along with a calm mindset and intrepid work ethic defines the personality.

A meticulous designer with an attention to detail that is easily disregarded. The objective outlook allows the audience to make their own interpretation. Through an analytical approach, messages are interpreted into design. Connecting the dots from the pool of data and information brings the greatest joy. Often stimulated by the words encountered during research, language oftentimes plays an important role acting as the starting point.

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